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Child Support
Everyone who has children and is about to go through a divorce or is involved in a paternity action has a relative, friend or neighbor telling them what “the number” is or should be. The truth is, every case is different, just as every child is different. Child support is generally determined pursuant to statutory guidelines. Certain figures including but not limited to each parent’s income, health care costs (for the parents and the children) and day care costs are plugged into a formula that generates a base child support figure. This may not be the final number, however. In some cases, there are special circumstances that may warrant an upward or a downward deviation from the child support figure. In addition, the child support figure may be modified by the Court after the divorce or paternity action is final based on a showing of a “substantial change of circumstances” of either of parent, depending on the circumstances of the case. At The Padron Law Group, P.L.L.C., we have the expertise to help you determine the child support figure that will suit the needs of the child or children in your family; and we will help you seek a modification of child support from the Court, if your case meets the criteria for a modification.
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